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Thank you for dropping by 🙂 There is a reason for this space and its this: Traveling is a passion. I spend the better half of my free time browsing through Google maps, numerous travel sites and world photos. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of stepping into a new place, seeing all there is to (hopefully) and eating my way through there.

I don’t take bucket lists and doing certain things before a certain age seriously anymore. Instead, I believe in just taking off, local or otherwise, whenever the chance (or flight ticket) comes. Something I have taken on from my parents who, for years that I can’t even remember, simply booked, packed and ferried me and my two siblings all across India, my home country.

A big change came when from not having left the comfort of my home for a good part of my existence, I ended up living in 4 countries in less than 4 years. What it did was give me a wider perspective, an appreciation for different cultures, and an itch to see more of it. Also, I finally became friends with endless packing and unpacking.


For me the real joy in traveling lies in nothing more than being able to discover a bit more about a little corner of this beautiful world; its history, culture, food, people. I prefer to wander around and see one more building, alley, ruin, trail or beach over some of the must-do things. An inquisitive mind and a restless soul is what keeps me pushing to go out there.

This is a place for me to pen down my experiences and a means to relive my memories whenever I feel like. It will mostly capture what I felt about the destinations, what I enjoyed most, a few recommendations thrown in and maybe others can get some ideas from there. That bit would be brilliant.



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