Cambodia diaries: Chilling in Pub street


After an extremely hectic but satisfying day, it was time to attend to those broken legs. In Siem Reap, after a day of back breaking and leg breaking jumping and climbing through the temples, a relaxing foot massage is a must. This should be followed by hitting the Pub Street and Central Market for dining, pubbing, clubbing – take your pick!

The city is literally littered with massage spas. We went for a foot massage which is priced around $8, so you can have as many as you want! Proof of how badly a massage is needed? Half of the people in massage chairs (including us) had fallen asleep while the massage was on.

The next halt was Pub Street for some dining. Its a brilliantly lit street with dozens of restaurants and bars on either side of the street, buzzing with activity. It was quite a sight after spending a day in past centuries.

This is what I found as one of the menu items in one of the restaurants :

Seemingly, Angelina Jolie is quite a hit in Cambodia because of Tomb Raider and one can find her namesake cocktails, food items and what not.

After dinner it was time to check out a club for which we found lots of references on the internet: Angkor What? ( Yeah, what? :D)

With neon UV lighting, the walls are covered with scribbles and graffiti from visitors. Throw in some trance music and the place has quite a psychedelic atmosphere. To top it, the food and drinks are so very affordable (true everywhere in Cambodia actually). A pint of beer costs $1. Guzzle down all you want. Goes same for other cocktails too. And like everything else in Cambodia which has some reference to Angkor, they have their very own Angkor beer.


So where the plan was to get some badly needed rest, we ended up dancing late in the night, our spirits revived by the trippy Angkor What? Highly recommended for anyone visiting Siem Reap.

Some other pics from our two days of merriment.






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