Ducking for Blue Cave

Blue cave is named as such for a cave on Bisevo island which glows blue during specific times. It is easily visited via a lovely forty minute boat ride from Vis island. Boats to Bisevo depart from port of Komiza which lies on the west side of Vis. There are fixed tours which organize these visits usually in the morning or near mid day.

Blue Cave Vis Croatia
Leaving Komiza behind
Blue Cave Vis Croatia
Bisevo island

The boat which takes visitors to Bisevo is too big to enter the small cave entrance. So on reaching Bisevo, a transfer is made to a much smaller raft that can navigate the entrance. Usually it can take up to an hour to get the transfer, but owing to spring time we waited for just ten mins. Once in the raft, it took off skirting the island to reach the cave.

However small I expected the entrance to be, I did not expect it to be tiny. Wondering why the boatman steered the boat towards the island, I finally spotted it.

Blue Cave Vis Croatia
That tiny entrance

“All duck down”, shouted the boatman. Everyone did so; I went flat on my seat very sure I would hit my head but we kept going. We went around a curve and as the raft turned, the cave was filled with a luminescent blue glow coming in from somewhere below the water. The cave itself isn’t too big and the boatman used the walls to steer the boat making way for exit for two other boats already inside.

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As we glided about bathed in blue light, the boatman explained about the cave’s discovery and the action leading to the illumination. Sunlight comes through a very small gap in the wall and lights up the water, and reflects back on hitting the limestone floor of the cave. This makes the cave glow blue and is at its best between 11-12 pm depending on how strong the sun is.

Blue Cave Vis Croatia

Blue Cave Vis Croatia

Blue Cave Vis Croatia

Blue Cave Vis Croatia
Reaching out to that blue

Boats do not stay in for more than ten mins in the cave but it is enough to be enchanted by this natural wonder. Go for it if you are visiting Vis, it is quite an experience.

Blue Cave Vis Croatia
On way to Bisevo
Blue Cave , Vis Croatia
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