Seafood delights in Vis

Seafood is a must in any island destination and Vis is no exception. It shouldn’t be as Vis after all used to be a fishing town mostly in earlier centuries. My first stop in Croatia was Dubrovnik and because of a very significant Italian influence on Dubrovnik’s cuisine, I was quite looking forward to finally try as much seafood as I could possibly manage in Vis.

Good news – most restaurants did a fabulous job of serving delectable dishes and providing a great ambiance. Add to that that Vis also produces one of the best red wines in the country (at least that’s what the locals say), Plavac, which was consumed in plentiful (I wasn’t the one driving!). Am listing below restaurants which we had a go at and thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately, many of the pictures I took just didn’t come through later (I have no clue why) and sadly most of the yummy fare is missing in this post.

Konoba Jastozera

This one is located in the village of Komiza, which is on the other end of the island. Walking till the end of the Komiza bay, we saw a few restaurants grouped together overlooking the sea. We chose this one, and ended up having the best meal of the stay. I ordered a delicious fish bredetto brodetto which is a kind of fish stew. It was also my first taste of the Plavac which is one of the best I have had till date. With brilliant views and an excellent service, this restaurant is a must visit.

Konoba Jastozera
Meal with a view
Konoba Jastozera
Fish brodetto
Konoba Jastozera
Husband went for a risotto


Pojoda is located in the village of Kut (next door to Vis). It is rated as one of the best restaurants in Vis for fish, and it was not that hard to see why. There is an indoor as well an outdoor seating, the outdoor one in the midst of lots of greenery. The owner was very helpful and spent time explaining various catch of the day and other menu options. I chose a fish which came in grilled, and we ordered two other fish dishes, all bang on with the flavor. It is a little on the expensive side though, but totally worth a visit for fish lovers.

Konoba Stoncica

This one was recommended by our host. It is the only restaurant on Stoncica beach. Surrounded by bamboo shoots, it is a cozy place for lunch or drinks after thrashing about in the sea. We were sharing the restaurant with just another group, so sea view tables were all there to be had. Like all restaurants, they had their catch of the day and I had freshly grilled squids. Their grill is situated just outside the restaurant and you can see your meal getting cooked. It is not to be missed if visiting Stoncica.

Bejbi bar 2

Apparently there are two of them. The one we went to is located in the village of Kut and is a lovely place to sit with a drink and shrimp cocktails while the sun goes down. The promenade just outside the bar is particularly pretty and this is where we spent our first evening. The service was again great, and this is one thing I noticed about the people of Vis. They are warm and welcoming, always ready with suggestions and they make sure you are having a good time. Bejbi bar is a definite place to visit for the views, and I preferred its casual look over the chic neighboring bar.

Bejbi Bar 2 Via Croatia


I want to mention Dionis for its location right along Vis bay. We went there once for a late night meal when every other place had shut, and the other time for breakfast. The dinner was mostly Italian fare, and was not that great. But it did make for a nice breakfast what with a view like the one here. I’d say Dionis is best left for some drinks by the bay.

Vis Croatia

Slatki Kut (Icecream)

I must also mention this small icecream place tucked away in the village of Kut right next to Pojoda. It had one of the creamiest icecreams I have ever (I use the word ever very judiciously) had. We must have gone there twice, and the husband made sure he tried all the flavors on display.

There are a couple of places we really wanted to go to but unfortunately it didn’t work out. One is Kantun along the harbour in Vis. It was closed when we went there, and never got a chance to try again. The other is Roki’s which is very popular in Vis, especially for their Peka – a local Croatian dish which is slow cooked in a pot over coal. It needs to be ordered a day in advance and we sadly left it for too late. This also makes a strong case for a revisit, doesn’t it?

Happy devouring.

Where to Eat vIS cROATIA

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